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Master Destiny Spiritual Tours

With Joy Adler

Master Destiny Spiritual tours is for those that enjoy traveling with a small group of fellow journeyers eager for the discovery of magnificent, ancient lands that herald history of bygone days. Our curated tours are a compliment to those that wish to learn of the peoples and cultures that once forged these storied landscapes. They are for those that feel a call to visit the wonders of archeology steeped in magic, mystery and myth. Our trips call to those longing for their own Hero and Heroine’s journey. By walking in the footsteps of those that came before, once you arrive, we encourage you to sit in silent wonder as to how these miraculous sites came to be. We commune with the lands that brace them, and contemplate how these sites and surroundings still serve our enjoyment today, as we open to the magic that is said to still exist.

Ireland & Scotland
September 4 - 12, 2024


  • Travel The Scottish Highlands

  • Ferry to three islands in Scotland

  • Boatride Cruise and on the West Coast of Scotland, renowned for its outstanding natural beauty.

  • The tour explores the scenic Firth of lorn, its rich history and abounded wildlife.

  • Scenic drive and stop a Luss for a view of Loch Lochland & Stirling Castle

  • Visit Edinburgh, Rossalyn Chapel & Their sacred woods behind

  • Enjoy Giant's Causway, the coast of Belfast, and the Dark Woods as scene in Game of Thrones.

  • Complete this extraordinary tour at The historian Newgrange. 

I love our partnering company, Rabbie’s for their confidence on both land and sea, as we’ll be taking numerous ferry’s and seeing some outstanding marine life, and sites and kinship that is sure to offer you lasting memories as well as vistas that will take your breath away.


Including the dramatic coastline of Belfast, Northern Ireland-Glasgow, Edinburgh and Mythical Isles in Scotland.

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Registration Information:

Island Adventures & Legends of the Emerald Isle: Giants Causeway and New Grange


Total Price for Scotland and Ireland: $3,267 + Air (contingent on 15 participants)

• Airfare from US not included

• Airfare from Edinburgh to Belfast IS INCLUDED


• DEPOSIT OF $653.00 NOW IS REQUIRED TO REGISTER= $2,614 balance

• 30% installment end of April $784.00

• Final balance OF $1,830 is DUE ON June 1st


All rooms typically have twin beds in Europe and are shared. 

However we do have a few accomodations for those that prefer their own room.


Total Price with Private room Scotland: $822 + $430.00 = $1,252 total Single Supplement


Total fee for Private Room (Single Supplement) 1,252 + $3267 = $4,519

Deposit due now for Private Room with Package: $904

30% due end of April $1,085

Balance due June 1, 2024 $2530


Email me at:


Consider joining Joy and Master Destiny Tours for their Mystical European Tour 2025!


Photo: Bryan Cady


Photo: Bryan Cady

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