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Joy Adler Interview:   

Radio Host, Gary Goldberg Interviews Joy about her Music for Healing and singing for

Her Holiness Sai Maa. July, 2012

Here is the transcript of my friend and radio host of "In the Spirit" on Thursdays, WRPI...Gary Goldberg and I. We were chatting about my upcoming class. If you've been curious, here is more info about the course I developed-- Energy Diagnostics...Since it begins this Tuesday evening. I thought I would share this, to give you a taste of what this is about! My email is at the end if you feel called to join us. In every class, it’s all about the music for healing. This semester I'm honored to sing and create spontaneous soundscapes with Dan Zavadil, percussionist, Betsy Soares, Singer/ Songwriter, Beth Jochum, Harpist, singer, and sound therapist, Dawn Danis. And our own Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius, musical director of my group, The Souls of Evolution, on piano. I'm excited for what songs will emerge from this!


GARY: I’m so happy to know you, Joy. You’re a star, as far as I’m concerned, in every way. And you light up the world with your brightness. Thank you.

JOY: Thank you so much, Gary. It’s nice to have a place to shine, and its fun to shine in the same sky as you, my brother.

GARY: (Laughs) Oh, thank you, sister.

JOY: We do have fun, don’t we?

GARY: Yeah, we do. We do.

JOY: Aw … (Laughs).

GARY: Joy, I’ve really come to appreciate your immense energy and your talent. And, your ability to organize. It’s just incredible, like, you come here and you are so well organized. I really appreciate it because we get things done. And you’ve got some new things going on I really want to know about. So that’s why you’re here today, and that’s what everybody wants to hear what Joy Adler is doing now.


JOY: Well, what I’m doing now is what I’ve always done, Gary. Just sharing the skills that I have learned over a long period of time, and practiced, and continue to be fascinated by and love. I also enjoy continuing to develop our Energy Diagnostic program. It soothes my "science head”. and creates a nice balance for me between my left and right brain!


GARY: Tell me about Energy Diagnostics.

JOY: Energy Diagnostics is about creating and holding space for peoples’ self healing, because all healing is self healing. So we’re really holding the matrix of possibility, right? I look at myself as kind of a mechanic, an energy mechanic. So it’s like assessing and diagnosing what’s going on in the energy field or the chakra system, how it impacts their body and our alignment with life, with our destiny. We then utilize a variety of advanced methods to assist ourselves and client's to come back into our intended alignment. We tap into several systems to achieve that by using what we know about the physiology as well as the human energy field to track and diagnose, then offer healing skills to bring about a healthier balance.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot of techniques, and I’ve compiled them and written a workbook called “Energy Diagnostics,” which we train from. To date we’ve trained quite a number of people. We have teachers that have come through the teacher training program that I developed from it as well, because I love to mentor. I love to support other people in their leadership and unique gifts. That is one of my passions.

So when we are in class we have students -as well as graduates who are called to teach, so I have the honor of training on two tiers, therefore. My goal is to support them in bringing their unique voice, leadership as teachers forward in the world. Energy Diagnostics is an eight week course.


GARY: Wow, eight week course?

JOY: Yes, we schedule across three months because participants need time and space for the practical skills, the clinical time, as well as allowing the energies from the attunements from these advanced states to elevate, we always start with live music and soundscapes to help people to really get the higher energetic, their highest potential as Spirits in form. And having the course run across several months, gives our participants the time and space to really integrate it, really make the shifts in their energy system, by releasing old patterns that no longer serve them. Then they really move forward, go to that next level, upgrade, remove any obstacles that are in the way to their path; and therefore, their greatest fulfillment. So they feel freer to offer their unique message that they have for humankind. I personally find that so rewarding. I love to watch people fly and love what they’re doing and share it with the world,

GARY: Yes.


JOY: What a gift to see them more happy and fulfilled and … it’s just a great thing. My team and I, we create and hold the space, and teach them how to open to energy completely and fully through every means that I personally have learned. Soul Retrieval, Music and movement, shamanic journeys, attunements, meditation, immune system support energy through advanced healing methods, and create the optimal environment for our participants to open beyond their own set limitations, and we begin this again on Tuesday evening.

We spend time in Energy Diagnostics, is the root system, which I personally teach through Ancestry... Now, many schools of energy will teach about the root, but how many know that the way to do that is through our ancestor’s country of origin? For me I was blessed to learn this through my many training's and experiences with a lot of Native American tribes and indigenous peoples. I had a very difficult time grounding when I first started this path. So I have a real sensitivity for that. For sensitive or artistic people, we feel things so much, that it takes a little extra added knowledge and time to get grounded. For people to encourage us to ground is counter intuitive! It feels so dense here to us. And yet, grounding is so essential, Gary, because if we’re not, we’re giving away our energy rather than channeling it. And that’s what differentiates someone who has the training, who’s a true channel, in energy healing, versus someone who has not. Because, without having fully grounded … they’ll get depleted very, very quickly, and thus burn out. Therefore it’s very important to have that training.

What I share in class regarding our roots is what I had learned from the great Carlos Nakai, who is, of course, one of the world’s greatest flute players. We hear him in many spiritual tracks. In fact he and Peter Kater just put out another tremendous, transformative album this year...and you play his music all the time in the studio.


GARY: Yes! He’s great.

JOY: A lot of our student's and now grads use his music in massage sessions and healing sessions. That’s what someone was saying the other night, “Oh, my gosh. When I read the story that you wrote Joy, about meeting Carlos Nakai and what he taught you, I flashbacked in time at how many people I’ve personally massaged or done healing work on while I was playing his music.” That’s destiny. That’s a man that’s connected. So many have been changed by his beautiful music!

And what I learned from Carlos, when I went back to school for healing with sound to help trauma survivors, I mean, he came in like a mountain to New York City, it was such a powerful experience for externalized, fast-paced New Yorkers. You know how we run so fast in the city. right?


GARY: Yeah, yeah.

JOY: We want things yesterday. We’re buying things today for tomorrow. We have a different, faster vibration. … And this is what I try to convey in our class. That slowing down is essential...for so many reasons. In Energy D. We create the environment by which we claim our roots and this then emanates out, This is why we begin and spend a couple of classes in Energy Diagnostics to connect in with our ancestors … our roots …our own Family Tree. We encourage them to connect back into the earth from the countries from whence they have come. And I think this is also very important because healers, and spiritual people, they have so much developed spiritual energy, and very often it’s at the expense of the roots …For example, spiritual people are often hand to mouth, they're in such survival … money can be an issue, right? Just putting food on the table, basic survival things. And what I learned from Carlos that I began to use myself, after traveling back to my ancestor's homeland, is that it expanded my root, Gary, my connection as a human, on earth … exponentially. It changed my life. So I wanted to incorporate this into Energy Diagnostics.

When I considered my family from Portugal, from Ireland, and then went back to Ireland again to sing to my ancestors, suddenly my root chakra anchored and tethered in a greater way. It helped me feel that I belong, and then I was able to ground more than ever before, and draw up from those roots and unlimited supply of energy! This happened because Carlos encouraged me to go back there, to go back from where my ancestors are from, and root in to get the frequency, you know, the DNA coding from my people. And he painstakingly took the time in that class, three-and-a-half hours, the first day, Gary … to go around the classroom with all these therapists, and insisted that we name where our maternal, and our paternal families came from, so we could honor the ancestors.

He sat there … and I remember at one point about the three-and-a-half hour mark, this woman in class said, very impatiently, “I just need to know when you’re going to start teaching us some Native American songs.” And he said “It’s time, first, to learn about each person here and their families, because their families are with them, and that is where there song will come from.” And he went back to what he was doing. Listening … avidly. And I could feel the impatience mount in the room, you know? And then one gentleman said, “When are you going to teach us some Native Chants? This is BS!”


GARY: Whoa!

JOY: And he actually said that aloud, as well as; the curriculum said that you were going to be teaching us Native American songs for healing people.” And Carlos turned to the director in the room and said, “Let me see that syllabus.” And the director hesitantly handed him the syllabus. Carlos read it, then through the paper to the ground saying; “These are not my words.” And from a very empowered and centered place, almost like he was appealing to us, like he was really trying to show us something, you know, he said; “I can’t teach you my songs … these are my people’s songs. I’m here to help you find your people’s songs, because there’s no power in my people’s songs for you. Your power will come from your people’s songs.” And the moment he said that, about 20 people got up … and walked out. Out of 30-.and I could understand that. I could understand the impatience, do you know? If I hadn’t studied with Native Americans I wouldn’t have known their rhythm is a different, slower, down to earth rhythm, and we wait, respectfully for that which they choose to share...and trust the time is right when they go to share it.


GARY: Wow.

JOY: You know. It was a mass exodus. And it was amazing.

GARY: Did he continue after that?

JOY: Oh yes! He came back the next day. When he arrived- there were ten of us. And what he said was “Okay, there are ten of you here. You’re the ones that I’m meant to teach. Now, let’s say prayers to your ancestors for your medicine songs". And then the class really began. (Laughs)

GARY: That’s powerful.


Joy: Yes! Powerful stuff. He was trying to teach us how to connect in with our very bones, the marrow from which we were built, not to look outside of ourselves. And I was like, “Him …” And I had to get real about … I really had to think. You know, a lot of people don’t know exactly where they’re from. We’re all from different places here.


GARY: Right!

JOY: But he had a very important point. He said, “I’m a cultural anthropologist, musician, and a Native American. My songs have no power for you.” So to discourage people, Gary, to look outside of themselves for something, but instead, to encourage them to drop in, drop down … and connect with themselves, was a mighty teaching. And I listened well that day, and I learned a lot. And then as I said, in the integration of that, when I recognized the changes that it made in me, I said, this great man is really on to something. You know? And he was so true … to himself. And he was teaching us to do the same. And he was not going to let people dis-empower themselves by giving over to what they were demanding. He instead was going to keep encouraging for them to go toward the within … to find their own song.

GARY: Toward the within.

JOY: Exactly....So I use these things that I learned across time, from great teachers that I’ve had the honor to learn from, I write about it in my workbook 'Energy Diagnostics', and we teach from that throughout the course...So I am simply incorporating the many lessons that proved beneficial to me, you know, what has worked, from my own experience as well. Clearly so much of what I have learned and now integrate and teach is ancientness. And that’s why we call it Energy Diagnostics, Advanced Holistic Healing Techniques for Balance in our Busy, Modern World.

We want to discover the keys of life that open the door to your deepest healing, wholeness, optimal health and fulfillment, by reclaiming yourself through your creative nature … and it’s really ancient skills that we draw upon. And we apply them in our busy, modern lives. If we can do that, our lives are going to change. We’re going to slow down. This is just sharing what I have found is very effective, and what has worked for me, and my client's, as I've said.

So …I realize not everyone can physically travel to their homeland, but we create experiences in class to help them reclaim their roots, their art-- through soundscapes, shamanic journeys and high level meditation as I mentioned. We essentially create the play space, the art space for people to rebirth themselves...


GARY: That’s what we want to learn about.

JOY: Yes! I believe, we have stories for each one of the chakras, and I've developed different methods-keys to unlock the doors of the chakras for optimal health, happiness and the fulfillment of our destiny, as I shared. For example, in class after having journeyed to our family tree, we encourage participants to open their seat of creativity yet again. What does that mean? As we feel more grounded, we then focus on the lower lumbar... the pelvic girdle and the pelvis, the sacroiliac joint, the hip flexors, the sacral chakra. This is the place of our personal power, which we birth all of our creations from here. It's all about using our art, getting back to our art, no longer distracting ourselves from our art. To let it heal us. And if we've done a good job as a team to have helped them to be rooted prior to that, our students begin to be in their power and creating on earth yet again. I’ve watched people in class that put down their art 30 years ago … suddenly … pick it up, and go, “Why did I ever stop creating like this?” So it’s all within them.

It’s taking the time and the space to unlock the magic therein … and for people to choose to do it for themselves. (Because all healing is self healing,) and discover how balancing and fulfilling that can be. For me, I enjoy sharing what I love to do, and have the opportunity to integrate all that I am, and enjoy, while watching others’ benefit from it. That’s the best! Creating that field of possibility for participants through music to affect very advanced states of meditation, to help people really expand their muscles and capacity to stay in these higher frequencies, and in these meditative states, for longer and longer periods of time is divine ecstasy.  As they open yet again, from where they had been closed, through this process, they’re transmitting it for their beloveds, for their clients. I always say that as we heal, our families heal, to the degree that they are open to that. Gary, my hope, my prayer is that as this healing energy folds out across the world that it may unite humanity and help toward world peace.

GARY: Yes.

JOY: How could it not?

GARY: Yes.

JOY: And it helps heal the earth.

GARY: Yes.

JOY: And again, we’re always using the arts … movement … live instruments voice, chanting, are very important toward that end. And so I’m very excited about the future of the world and seeing so many people awakened and alive, and, through so many various means.


JOY: But this is just what has worked for me, my personal system that I’ve developed over 22 years. So there’s a bit of many things. Some cutting-edge counseling tips that I’ve learned that really work, as well, that are not out of our scope of practice and again, some of that ancient skill and principle that I’ve learned from some very great and mighty people that I’ve been blessed to be with, and Carlos Nakai was certainly one of them. Gary, I'm just excited about where the world is heading, and, hey, we all have our bit that we hold.
GARY: Yes.

JOY: You know … I like to support people opening to theirs. And then, really the fulfillment of helping people share their specialty to make this world a better place...

GARY: Thanks for joining us Joy...

JOY: Thanks for letting me share about my passion for Energy Diagnostics Gary. Folks who may be interested in joining us can contact me at



Winner 2008 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards
"Best International Pop CD/Album"
"Best International Pop Female Artist"

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