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"Wanted to share these beautiful and profound words from a very dear friend, Joy Adler; an absolute treasure as a human being.  I am honored to continue to create with Joy for many years, in many different situations, and with an amazing cross section of artists, dancers, spiritual leaders etc.  Always, Always, Always a truly moving and very fulfilling opportunity and experience.  Through Joys work her music and words heal and comfort as well as assist deeply those present and those that sit with her music. 

She wrote the following words in a recent post and they simply say it all.  Thank you Joy. 

This puts into perspective everything and really is a letter to the incredible people in our lives.

Although I have said this to my family directly, Thank you so very much for everything especially to my wife, Susan and to my children Evan and Brianna for always supporting my path.  I am an incredibly blessed man".

Thank you, Brian

Excerpt below from Joy Adler's post:

I work with a lot of artists as a reverend, counselor, and educator. Many experience profound conflict in terms of the impact 'following the muse' has on their families. I know this conflict so well, and have been on all sides of the internal and external struggle, until I surrendered to the longing completely, and to others' will completely. To those that are challenged I say this:

Music and the Arts is a sacred calling, not unlike the Priesthood, being a nun, or monk...or person in the helping professions. It is a challenge for non-musicians/artists to understand the call of one's music and art...the primal desire to create. It is the primary supersedes all. It is the first love, the lasting love...the eternal beloved. We are married to our art first and foremost, and if all goes well, those that we meet accept and support that-they may even be proud of it and us-as we are of them!

For the people in a musician's/artist's life will always be second, that is the way of it. Therefore, it takes a special person to understand this- which means they have a sacred call too!  For it takes a strong person, content in themselves to accept and honor this, to support the call in their partner to follow their art, their music, the muse; even if it takes them away...It takes an extraordinary person to encourage it even. For they belong to the world. That is why it is at times easier for artists to unite with fellow musicians and other artists-and enjoy the ecstasy of collaboration in many forms...or perhaps they partner with their biggest fan!  For the place where the performer and the audience meet is on the bridge of the heart.

Of course Duke Ellington said it better than I ever could:
  "Lovers have come and gone, but only my mistress stays. She is beautiful and gentle. She has grace. To hear her speak, you can't believe your ears. She is ten thousand years old. She is as modern as tomorrow, a brand new woman every day. Music is my mistress, and she plays second fiddle to no one."

Brian Melick, Percussionist,

"I'm very excited to be a part of this CD release event, with the absolutely magnificent soul who is Joy Adler. If you have never heard this woman sing, she has an ethereal and downright mystical healing power that will warm your heart and soul. Check it out at CNW on March, 21, 2015."      

-Jeff Nania, Saxophonist and contributing critic for Metroland Magazine

"Dearest Joy, Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with all of us. Your music over the years has inspired so many people around the world. Remembering we are all light in those darkest moments touches our souls deeply."

-Donna Evans Strauss, Author of "Blessings from a Thousand Generations What Our Biblical Ancestors Can Teach Us

About Healing Our Families Today Enjoy friends and Family"

“Joy Adler’s intention with song is to create music for healing, and it really does do that. I can attest that the many times I’ve seen and heard Joy sing in concert, it’s always an uplifting event and people very feel happy to be in her presence when she sings.”

-Gary Goldberg, Radio Host, “In the Spirit”​


“This video and song “Dreamers of Our Future”, is a beautiful piece of work Joy; great images, great message, great song and great singing. Well done. 
–Luka Bloom, Renowned Irish Singer & Songwriter


"First let me say that "Your love is everything" has got to be one of the most soulful tunes I have ever heard -one of my top ten favorites. Second thing is I am now your number # fan. Very emotive vocals and lyrics. Under your genre listing you should include Soul Singer (smile). Peace & Blessings to you, Lady Joy."    

-David Cook, singer, recording artist​

​"I just wanted to let you know how absolutely WONDERFUL you and your band were last night!!! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet your band members, but I hope you will please convey to them how much I enjoyed the fruits of their obvious talent, and hard work, and beautiful spirit that went into your performance! Your music, your voice, you're absolutely beautiful stage presence, you were simply amazing!! May you be blessed with much success in the future, and I look forward to seeing you again soon! "   

-Fred (Jo Wymer’s bass player)​

"It was great to meet you and your group at the show. I still feel very energized! I played your song on my show Sun. night and I really like the whole CD. Look forward to meeting you again".                 

-Holly Harris- DJ, WBOS, Boston​

“Joy...It was my greatest pleasure to attend your cd release concert and see you and your band in all their glory! I've never seen you look more beautiful and your singing was beyond description. You bring Heaven and Earth together like no other artist I've ever experienced. You are amazing. Very few artists are able to be so earthy, sexual, real, and yet channel Spirit in such a powerful way.”

-Linda Thompson, LMT, Soundhealer and Educator, Saratoga, NY​

“You have met Hundreds of People during your Music Career & during this last Tour with Patricia White Buffalo. I wouldn't expect you to remember me, but your Voice is the voice of the Angels. Very Healing for Awakening Spirits of others.  I will feel the Faith in my heart & know that others like yourself are continuing this Healing Effort on the Planet through their various ways also. Your voice was very instrumental in Opening My Spirit more profoundly that night. So, yes, in my Eyes you are Healing through your Music. Beautiful "     

-Randy, Colorado​

“I have watched Joy Adler and her music grow and blossom over the years I have known her.  She has the gift of seeing the raw truth and delivering it with powerful soul.  It helps us honestly embrace all aspects of ourselves.”

-Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, Author “Hands of Light," Founder of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing,

Miami, Austria

"Joy's voice soars through my soul like soft rose petals of love and healing. It soothes places in my heart that have long waited for it and helps me connect to my divine essence and to realize my own inner strength. Her deep integrity and caring love are beautifully transmitted through her songs and are a gift to all of us. Joy is a beautiful blessing to this world and an angel that is here to help us get in touch again with what love really is."

-Andrea Titton, Healer, Boston, Mass.

"Hey, Joy! The kids and I really enjoyed the concert as well. Being the wife of a musician, I have had my fair share of musical experiences. I can honestly say that your concert was not just amazing, but the best one I have had the pleasure of attending! The relationship between you and the musicians (and them with each other) was powerful and energetic. Your vulnerability, honesty and the stories you shared with your audience made your music really come alive for me. I also enjoyed the moment between you and your daughter on stage, it was truly a beautiful human experience to watch. The positive energy and love you provided on stage could be easily felt flowing through the audience. You have an amazing gift. On another note, the final song "Shine" made such an impression on the girls that we didn't just listen to it ON the way home, we listened to it ALL the way home." Signed your newest fan...

-Stefanie Gwinn-Vega, Sch'dy, NY

“Joy, just listened to your music and was floored. I remember always loving your classes, not only because whatever lesson you were teaching that day always felt like it directly improved my situation, I always just loved listening to you speak. You always have a very smooth, melodical, soul-soothing way of delivering your message. Thank you again for being there for me during a very trying time in my life, you really helped me through. Your music is almost as beautiful & enchanting as you are. You also are loved”.

-Erin Lynch, L.M.T. Saratoga, NY

"Joy, thanks! I have to say that the gigs I did with you were among the most deeply moving and inspiring, EVER for me! You're an AMAZING person and AMAZING musician, vocalist and performer. I'm highly honored to have had the great opportunity to work with you."

 -Karl Sterling, Jazz Drummer, NY

" One of the most moving memories of my life was hearing Joy sing with another lady, acapella in a huge, empty ballroom. They were singing "Angel From Montgomery" and I was the only one listening, and it was a truly magical experience. One that will be with me until I die. Amazing gift!"

-Matt Nappo, Musician, Sound Engineer, NY



Glasswerks UK Reviews: Rebellious Dreamer

"Joy Adler possesses a voice that is difficult to compare; the varied path which her life has taken has left her with a truly remarkable ability to turn to almost any style. It is therefore admirable that rather than selling out to popular culture she has chosen to write songs in her own style which are ultimately timeless. 


This means she may be missing out on her 5 seconds of fame, but she is also allowing herself a chance to build up a fan base of like-minded people, a group that will undoubtedly keep growing throughout her career.


Her music tastes of classic rock, blues and soul more than benefit from the passion she puts into each song. The production on the tracks is a little raw in places but this serves well to translate the emotion of a live performance into the recordings, which is undoubtedly where her true strengths lie."        

-Sarah Howcutt

Review of Postcards

"Give Joy Adler credit for not trying to sound like any of the other female singer/songwriters out there. Her voice, soaring and radiant, flows like a waterfall. Throughout Postcards, I found myself simply mesmerized by her singing; it wasn’t until after I listened to the album more times did I even pay attention to her words. Her vocals alone were the hook. On “Prayer” and “Your Love Is Everything,” Adler seems inspired by a divine force; there is an otherworldly, almost ethereal, quality to her singing on those tracks that is quite magical. Adler’s versatility is also impressive. The opening cut, “By Your Side,” is a lovely country rocker with enough jangling guitars to cross over into the Americana circuit. “Prayer” and a remake of the Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary” feature sizzling blues licks while “Feels Good” touches upon funk and jazz as Adler’s voice is more sultry than ever. This is a fairly emotionally uplifting album, even when the lyrics deal with love lost. That’s mainly because of Adler’s high spirits beaming through the grooves."

- Kyrby Raine

Review of Angels Are Everywhere

“Joy Adler herself is truly a gift from the angels to us. The magic of her voice spanning centuries of being and presence on all levels. "Angels are Everywhere" is a truly unique experience of healing and meditation. Time and place is lost and the listener is brought into a state of oneness with self, to gently explore the mysteries of their own soul. As a former teacher at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a professional singer, she has forged ahead into new frontiers of providing a multidimensional healing channel for her listeners, opening doorways for transformation of heart and spirit never before experienced in this exclusive presentation of voice and essence. This CD is a must listen for all who aspire to experience the uniqueness of their own soul.”

-Patricia Eschuk, Healer, Physio Therapist and Artist, Canada

Review of Postcards

"Folk-pop singer/songwriter, Joy Adler balances the mellow, peaceful spirit of country, jazz, and the blues with a cover of a Goth-rock classic from the Cult Folky and intimate with tasteful flirtations in country, jazz, and the blues, the last think you'd expect from an album like this would be a cover of the Cult's mid-'80s Goth-rock anthem "She Sells Sanctuary." For those not paying attention to the track listing, singer/songwriter Joy Adler's lovingly realized stripped-down take on a post-punk dance classic is quite startling. Thankfully, Adler doesn't add a blemish to the Batcave nostalgia of the original. While now torn from its New Wave roots, "She Sells Sanctuary" still retains its dreaminess, an enigmatic love song with an undertow of spirituality ("I'm sure in her you'll find/Sanctuary") that is actually consistent with Adler's own explorations of religious faith. Remaking a Cult cut also further conveys Adler's creative versatility.

The opening slice, "By Your Side," is propelled by guitars that suggest the influence of country music or Americana.  It is rootsy pop with a solid vocal performance that is sweet but not as sugary as you'd hear from today's Nashville populace. "Prayer" turns the page immediately after it, letting Mike Steiner's fiery blues riffs loose while Adler's voice soars through the clouds. "Our Rapture," on the other hand, is a delicate piano piece reminiscent of Tori Amos (minus the personal issues) and Norah Jones.

Comparisons to other contemporary female artists are inevitable since most of them are mining similar inspirations. But Adler is her own person. There is a mellow, peaceful spirit at play here, one that seems to be seeking calmness and stability more than expressing rage. While her singing on "Feels Good" may recall the husky tones of Fiona Apple, Adler is stating her happiness here and not introspective gloom. It all equals all pleasant, sunny-day affair, a welcome alternative to the upcoming wintry darkness."

4.0-Excellent- By Robert Michael Sutton

Review of Postcards

"There’s certainly no shortage of female singer/songwriters out there, and the number has certainly grown since the mammoth success of Sheryl Crow and Norah Jones. Alas, there are many women who arrive with a catchy guitar riff and a poetic pen but have no voice, either one that is stylistically distinct or technically impressive. Joy Adler is among the few with all of those qualities intact. Although the songs on Postcards are easily accessible, they seem more personal to me than radio-ready attempts to achieve commercial success. You instantly get the feeling that Adler recorded this CD mainly to express herself and not just to acquire a quick pop hit, which has sadly become harder without a million-dollar record label behind you. Avoiding the bland slickness of Adult Contemporary radio, Adler looks to Americana, blues, and jazz for inspiration. Even the Cult’s Goth-metal landmark “She Sells Sanctuary” is given a bluesy makeover, quite unlike anything you’d hear on alternative-rock stations either during the mid-’80s or today. Of Adler’s original material,  I’m partial to the pretty piano compositions like  “Our Rapture” and “Your Love Is Everything,” wherein Adler is reminiscent of Tori Amos but with definitely more soul. It’s the passion that Adler equips these tunes with that make them crackle, give them added intimacy."

- Brooke Curtis

Summarizing Joy's Influence

“I met Joy from being a guest on my radio show, ‘In the Spirit’. She’s really stepping up to the plate here; I like that in a person. I like a person that is unafraid of sharing who they are, and Joy presented herself that way.


Joy has a lot of heart. Joy has a lot of soul. You may have heard of the Souls of Evolution and all the music she’s involved in. It takes your spirit to new heights. The creativity that comes from Joy comes from a deep well. She writes beautiful poetry, sings beautiful songs, plays beautiful songs, performs with great musicians, meets great people. It just goes to show that Joy Adler is an example of who we really are. She doesn’t try to shine the light on herself as much as deflect in on us, so we can experience that radiance. That’s what she’s done for me, reflect my own light”…

   -Gary Goldberg, Radio Host of 'In The Spirit',

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