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1. I'm Blue
2. Rebecca
3. Freedom
4. Rebellious Dreamer
5. The Silent Scream
6. After the Goldrush
7. God in Your Eyes
8. The Crysalis
9. I'm a Fool
10. Coming Home


Rebellious Dreamer

At one time, the Rebellious Dreamer Foundation assisted women that they deemed had immense talent, and a deferred dream, by gifting artists with recognition from their peers through grants and mentoring. Joy wrote the lyrics to Rebellious Dreamer on the back of an envelope on her plane ride home after having just been recognized and honored at a foundation event. Through their gifts, Joy was able to create her first album of original music as a demo for her songwriting career. Joy was so moved by this gesture as she had stopped touring to take care of her young daughter. This anthem style song was written as a tribute to the women of the foundation, most of whom didn't know Joy, that had offered her their support. There is little wonder why the Rebellious Dreamer Foundation used Joy's song in much of their future fundraising efforts.


Rebecca was in good complany when featured on the Women of Substance Radio Podcast as it held a place of honor between My Name is Luka by Suzanne Vega and Hell is for Children by Pat Benatar.


Songwriting award for The Silent Scream. Human Rights Honorable Mention in the USA Songwriting Contest.


Joy covers one of her favorite songwriters, Neil Young, with After the Goldrush. This song was never intended for the album, but after guest artist MIke Mervosh began strumming the song in the studio while on break, Joy & long-time fellow vocalist Mary Page spontaneously joined in singing and created this magical one take version. Luck continued to shine upon Joy as Joni Mitchell's violinist was in town and agreed to come into the Atlantic City, NJ studio and lay down the accompanying violin track. This ode-to-Neil has been lauded as one of the great versions of this classic track and is downloaded the world over ever since.


Coming Home is Joy's most downloaded song. It has become and anthem of hope for people experiencing a 'dark night of the soul', and then coming out the other side.


Angels Are Everywhere

On Angels Are Everywhere, Joy joins forces with multi-instrumentalist and producer, Kymn Williams. Together they created an album full of healing intention whereby each track has a specific intention woven through it. A favorite amongst massage therapists and holistic practitioners, Sleeping in the Bones works to relax the central nervous system by grounding into the marrow, to aid those with sleep issues or anxiety.


As with much of Joy's creative inspirations, this album came about through meditation. She was able to see just how much of our needs get met by angels working through people as Earth Angels. All that we need for peace and healing will find its way to us. It may not be from the person we imagine, but we are ever guided and supported. 



1. You Dream
2. Sleeping in the Bones
3. Wiawaka
4. Earth Prayer
5. The Way Home
6. Spirit Resting
7. Ladder to the Dreamtime
8. The Light Within
9. Angels Prayer
10. Angels are Everywhere



1. By your side
2. Prayer
3. Our Rapture
4. Feels Good
5. Postcard from Pittsburgh
6. Your love is everything
7. Surrender
8. She sells sanctuary
9. Belonging
10. Shine



Joy wouldn't record a song for Postcards until she had the right musicians to express the sentiments, the message of each song. Although it took eight years to complete the album, Joy's obsession with being able to put the music she heard in her head down in the studio, is clearly evident on this record. 


Beginning the recording with the songs Shine and Your Love is Everything in Brooklyn, NY, Joy enlisted jazz greats Mala Waldron, Soundrhythium, Michael T.A. Thompson (who also co-produced some songs on the album), co-songwriter and pianist Bill Pernice and Albany, NY bassist Ryan Lukas. Bringing the project home to Cotton Hill Studios in Albany, NY, Joy worked with a group of talented rock musicians to finish out the album. The chemistry of Joy's vocals and Mike Steiner's guitar riffs wowed reviewers on songs like The Cult's She Sells Sanctuary and Joy's ode to rock songs of her youth, on her original Prayer. Joy brings a bluesy. stripped-down flavor to the Sanctuary cover as the refrain rings of her spiritual connection and Steiner's passion for the song. This is the second most downloaded song of her long-term career.


Her sold-out CD release concert at WAMC in Albany was a critical success and paved the way for Postcards to win a host of awards.

2008 Winner Toronto Excllusive Online Magazine Awards

Best International Pop Album

Best International Female Pop Artist


Sunmark Bank Songwriting Award

Featured the gospel inspired Shine on their compilation album, aptly titled, Shine


Songwriting Award

Our Rapture


Peacedriven Songwriting Award

Your Love is Everything (honorable mention)


Awaken To Your Magnificence

1. Awaken To Your Magnificence
2. Drums Of The Earth
3. Feels Good
4. Earth Journey
5. Safe To Be
6. The Sun Wants To Rise
7. Heart Opening
8. Journey Through The Heart
9. Your Love Is Everything
10. You Long For Me
11. Journey Into Heaven
12. Lay My Burden Down


1. Welcome & Intention

2. Blessing and Invocation

3. Revitalize

4. Intro to Special Guest Gary Goldberg

5. Nurturers need to be nurtured

6. You're Not Alone

7. The need for self care/Intro to Patricia White Buffalo

8. Spiritual teaching

9. Intro to poet Jean M. Wood

10. Purple Light

11. There's Light

12. Purple Light continued

13. Amba Guru

14. Intro to Dreamers of Our Future

15. Dreamers of Our Future

16. Invitation to Transformation

17. Explanation of Journey and Shamanism

18. Shamanic Journey: Pure Light Soundscape 

19. Your Love is Everything

20. Gratitudes and Closure

21. Poem

22. More Appreciation

23. Drum Jam


Community Heartshare

In 2009, Joy had a vision during meditation to create a series of evening events filled with music for healing, poetry, meditation and powerful shamanic journeys all for the restoration of Spirit. Joy invited in a community of great poets, prophets, healers, elders, drummers and spiritual leaders, to offer their gifts and wisdom to the community of professional caregivers and others in attendance.


The first single Dreamers of Our Future was written by Joy for The Foundation for Global Humanity, who came out to film the final event of the series.


There's Light was released as a single and a 'forever free' download, as Joy hopes its message will inspire and uplift those that are going through a challenging or dark time. "Even in the darkest night, there's light..."


Her dream was to create a CD whereby even if you weren't in attendance, you could still derive the benefits of inspiration, revitalization and healing by listening to it. It took six years to go through the enormous amount of concert footage, but Joy's dream has been realized on Community Heartshare.


I just want to tell you how wonderful your healing voice is, and how much I enjoyed being an active audience. I received so many gifts of healing that night from

your entire talented group."

-Shirin, California



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