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She has been named: Goldenvoice That Heals & Golden Voiced Eagle Woman by her Lakota Teacher

Experience the sound of ceremonial singing creating a healing sanctuary held by

the voice of a spiritual healer...

"Winner 2008 Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards"

"Best International Pop CD/Album"

​"Best International Pop Female Artist"​

It is a life journey for a singer to be in song, to become song, to create sound that heals.  The process of fully becoming who you really are as a singer is a journey into song and through song, to become Song.  As a professional sound healer, Joy Adler is such a singer, forged and tempered by the movements and experiences of her life.  She is an extraordinary vocalist who sings from the depths of her being and risks revealing it to the world to create one-of-a-kind concert experiences that refresh and expand the soul.

"The strength of all the great artists is that they would allow the world to see their unique essence by baring their souls onstage. This is what I seek to do. I know if I sing from my heart and soul, it moves the audience in profound ways."  - Joy Adler

Joy first began singing music in church as a child, and then became a self-taught young professional musician with a powerful voice specializing in bringing her own interpretation to songs traditionally sung by hard rockers.  She perfected her stage performing and enhanced her skills by singing R&B, pop and jazz standards on the stages of Atlantic City.  As a result, her voice has been called "soulful", yet she has an astonishing ability to sing almost any musical genre.  Songwriting also became a forte in this period.  Her own songs were created with unique honesty and frankness.  The depth of her writing combined with her rich voice and expansive delivery rapidly moved Joy into a space of musical connection that could transport an audience.
In 1994 the healing professions fully entered her life as Joy was certified as a Pastoral Counselor and Hypnotherapist. 

She then studied shamanism for 4 years with a  Lakota Elder in New Mexico, Jane Wynote, Night Eagle-of the Mic Mac Nation in PA; and Grandmother Twylah of the Seneca Nation, in NY.  Additional certifications in other traditions followed, grounding and blessing her with a multi-modality healing background that integrated solidly with her musical gifts.  After graduating from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Joy was presented with a grant from The Rebellious Dreamer Foundation in 1999.  This grant is given to women of exceptional talent and provides them with mentoring and financial support.  She used this award to produce her CD of critically acclaimed original material, aptly named; Rebellious Dreamer.  As Joy continued to hit her stride as a sound healer, she uplifted audiences with her original songs played by her own group of talented musicians known as "The Souls of Evolution".  She also performed as lead singer and lyricist of “The Patricia White Buffalo and the Heaven on Earth Ensemble” world healing events.

Regarding Joy’s gift of healing with sound, Patricia White Buffalo has said, “Joy is gifted with the ability to channel blazing light and power through her voice that touches the root of your soul and calls it forth”.

Joy has performed on stages all over the world.  She has supported, mentored and trained thousands of people through her writings, radio and cable television programs, educational lectures and seminars, and spiritual music concerts for a new era of consciousness.  She has become an award-winning singer/songwriter and sound healer who integrates her experience with holistic health into “Music for Healing.”  In 2011, Joy was honored by a request to sing in ceremony at in their Temples of Humankind to welcome in the New Year.  And in 2012, Joy received the ultimate and most holy honor when she was asked to sing twice for the Hindu Saint, Sai Maa.  In spring 2013 Joy will be in NYC recording with Rock Icon, Brad Roberts, lead singer and songwriter of Crash Test Dummies for his new album of Tantric Mantras and Chants. They’ll record with Producer Terry Derkach for VRTCL Entertainment.

In addition to occasionally performing and recording with other artists, Joy has been writing music for film and television. She enjoys marrying music with visual tapestries to move the viewer to new planes of awareness within themselves.  Joy leads her own workshop series, master classes and programs called: “Exercises in Profound Gratitude. A Journey to your Spiritual Path in the World,” and “Advanced Apprenticeship, Master Healing Class, Psychology of the Body”. Her future will, of course, include more tours, singing kirtan and creating additional “Musical Healing Events.”

May Joy’s Song find you and bless you with the gift of healing one day.

"See the sound of a bee’s wings as she darts through the flowers, calling them to unfold and share their essence.
Hear the sound of an eagle’s krie carried throughout the skies, announcing to all his soaring joy as he is uplifted by the wind. Feel the sound made by the breeze joining the trees to bring forth an internal stillness heard only between breaths. Experience the sound of ceremonial singing creating a healing sanctuary held by the voice of a spiritual healer. All are sounds that weave sacred circles to hold the fullest attentions of a listener. All are sounds that carry a moment that deepens a listener’s connection to self and to creation. 
All are sounds made when song and singer are fully merged together with source, and the

singer becomes Song." –Jackie Hufnail

“The Difference between a flash-in-the-pan musician and one who transcends time is an artist’s willingness to bare the soul. Joy Adler’s own voice is no less passionate.”
-Martha Petteys -Reporter, The Troy Record

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