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Talking Joy:

Joy Adler appears on the aptly titled podcast "Talking Joy", with Pam Rotelle Robertson. Listen to the episode here:

Welcome to Joy Adler &
The Soul's of Evolution
The Music For Healing-Site

Learn more about Joy and her life's journey

in her bio here.


December 2022: Melodic Revolution Distribution: Independent Album Spotlight- Postcards.

"Music you didn't know you would love". -DJ Nick Katona

"Postcards is a stunning Folk-Pop, Rock Album by US artist

Joy Adler. Her voice is powerful, dynamic and emotive. Joy sings of love, loss and life in a way that we can all relate to. Recommended if you like Sade, Brandi Carlile,

Karla Bonoff, Carly Simon, and Christine McVie."


"Joy Adler possesses a voice that is difficult to compare, the varied path which her life has taken has left her with a truly remarkable ability to turn to almost any genre. It is therefore admirable that rather that selling out to popular culture she has chosen to write songs in her own style which are ultimately timeless."  -Glasswerks UK Reviews, Sarah Howcutt

Women of Substance RadioJoy Adler
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“Hello Joy,

​I am one of the Executives and Talent Managers at our Record Label Midnight Records.

​We are pleased to invite you to receive an Midnight Gold Record Award in recognition of your exceptional contributions to the world of music. As one of the most creative musicians / healers in the industry, we believe that you deserve to be recognized for your immense talent and unwavering dedication to your craft.

​In addition to receiving a beautiful Gold Record Award, you were also chosen to be featured in our Midnight Spotlight. We would like to add your name to our Honorary Directory, where you will be recognized alongside other prominent musicians who have received this prestigious honor. Your inclusion in this directory will raise awareness to courses and classes that you offer, for future clients to see. As well this will serve as a testament to your remarkable achievements and will inspire future generations of musicians to follow in your footsteps. You’ll also be featured in a magazine with one of our partners.

​Thank you for your contribution to the world of music, and we look forward to speak soon.”


Executive / Talent Manager

I had a wonderful chat with this talent manager named Anastasia, who had found my music. She said that in meetings she really “pushed” for me to receive their “Midnight Spotlight.” This was in spite of “music for healing” not being a genre that her colleagues understood. She said she had been going through a lot, and could feel “healing energy” from me singing from my heart-which is why she emphatically pushed for me to receive recognition. I was very touched by this, as it’s always my intention to open my heart when I sing-with the hope that it will bring healing to those that are open to receive it. One doesn’t look for acknowledgement-but it is so sweet when it comes. Especially from NYC-where I had the opportunity as a songwriter and performer to really soar.

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New Music!

Recording Studio

 Hello, thanks for visiting. 

I hope you are well! 

I continue to record songs for my new album:


Happy New Year!

Wasn't it wonderful 

to join in song again this past year? 


In Spring 2023

You'll find me back singing at Unity Church, and mark down June 10th for our annual afternoon Fundraiser at Unbridled Thoroughbred

Foundation in Greenville, NY

May all of your dreams come true this year...and always.







Joy's most recent album Community Heartshare

 is available for digital download or CD hardcopy. Featuring the song You're Not Alone which Joy wrote for a recent class of massage therapist graduates at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY


Mark Shepard


Mark's latest album,

 The Key To Your Cage is a rich collection of lyrics & melodies that are part of his ongoing "Life In Song" project. Produced by Joe Mennonna and featuring Joy Adler on four tracks.

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